Oberbozen & Ritten

The special location of our two hotels has many benefits: really close by, less than a 5 minute walk from HOTEL POST, is where the cable car leaves from for Bozen. In exactly 11 minutes it transports you down to the middle of this shopping town with its magical, Mediterranean charm. Also close by, another 5 minutes on foot, is the station of our little local railway which we are very fond of. Twice an hour it brings you from Oberbozen to Klobenstein and back. Hotel POST, however, and this we can’t stress enough, is the starting point for a diverse and unforgettable range of excursions and hikes. Without even touching your car you can thoroughly explore one of the most extensive hiking areas of South Tyrol.

 The Rittner highland plateau 

On the southern edge of the Sarner Alp you can find the sunny South Tyrolian capital of Bozen which lies high above the valley. Ritten: this sun-drenched mountain can offer you 360 degree holidays – surrounded by nature, culture, amazing long-distance views and exceptional attractions.

 Nature is amazingly diverse... 

...and here it is as varied as barely anywhere else. It ranges from sub-Mediterranean vegetation at Signat and Unterplatten, to lush meadows and pine forests in the mid-range hills, right up to the Alpine flora with knee pines in the Alps around Rittner.

 Walkers’ paradise number one 

Here from the beginning of April until the middle of November we have over 700km of paths for you to enjoy.
From the middle of September the grapes begin to ripen every autumn and this becomes the ‘Törggelen’ time. We traditionally walk from farm to farm tasting the new must. This is accompanied by a bit of bacon and the munching of a few roast chestnuts.
The absolute highpoint of any holiday in Ritten however must be a visit to the Rittner earth pyramids, ancient witnesses from the last ice-age. For more than 15,000 years these have been growing in beautiful formations up to 18 metres tall on the Rittner forest floor!

 Information and “secret tips” 

Because our business is particularly focussed on walkers and families you can get all the information as well as “secret tips” about this really unique landscape from us in the hotel!


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