The Hikers’ Hit Parade

Hello active walkers,

this page is completely devoted to you. Hotel POST–VICTORIA is a member of the Rittner Hikers’ hosts and therefore a hiking hotel in the middle of one of the most important hiking areas of South Tyrol. Our range of services is extensive and goes from the fitting food for the hiker, to consultation, hire of equipment and a shuttle service. As you perhaps already know, the Rittner highland plateau is one of the most beautiful and diverse hiking areas in the whole Alpine area. Whether it’s just a simple walk over the extensive promenades, or an extended forest and meadow hike, or right up to a 10 hour mountain expedition, Ritten can offer you almost everything. All glacier walkers and rock climbers have to accept a car journey of 1 or more hours. The Rittner hiking trails are well signposted and cover 710km of paths, of which more than half are marked. Because of this diverse range, we have divided the hiking trails into the following groups:
The Hikers’ Hit Parade

 Family walks 

1. Himmelfahrt and Merltennen
2. The Oberbozner theme path
3. Mitterstieler lake via the 12a path
4. A secret tip “only for you”
5. Lobishof – Moser – Riggermoos and returning via Kaserhof
6. Freud promenade

 Hikers’ Hit Parade 

1. Via Signat to Rielinger
2. Saubach – Briol – Barbian
3. The 15th path to Latschenbrennerei

 Less challenging routes, 

for those lazybones, unhurried senior citizens, love birds.
These routes can easily be negotiated with a pram and so are particularly suited for families with small children. Length ¾ - 1 ½ hour.

 Family walks, 

which aren’t too demanding, but which can be entertaining. These walks have been chosen for the highlights they can offer young and old alike. The paths go along beside streams, the former Rittner earth pyramids, lakes for swimming, or past herds of Haflinger or a llama farm. We have also taken care to make sure that the inns along the way are family friendly. These walks are only partially suited for families with prams. For this reason we are happy to lend you free of charge child-carriers for the kids. And of course these walks can be enjoyed just as much by walkers without children. Average length 2 - 3 hours

 Cultural walks 

These very popular walks combine the joys of being out and about in the boundless Rittner landscape with trips to one of our almost 30 churches or the Royal Kommende where more than 50 Kaisers have stayed. Ritten is also lucky to have prehistoric heritage sites with up to 8000 years of old relics, standing stones, mystical settings for sagas and legends, historic farmsteads and castles, and not forgetting the climb down to Bozen which shouldn’t be underestimated – you can see the diverse range of activities here in Ritten. Don’t miss the romantic, dreamy Maria Himmelfahrt with its beautifully freshly decorated houses from the 16th and 17th centuries. Length 1-5 hours.

 Hikes with railway 

The Rittner Bahndl, which is now more than a hundred years old, is the name we give to the narrow-gauge railway which links Oberbozen and Klobenstein every half an hour. It can take you from the hotel to the starting point for a range of other hikes or it can shorten your journey home because you can get on and off the railway at many points along the route. A little trip on the historic mountain railway from the nineteenth century is an absolutely must for kids and for railway fans. Length 1-8 hours.

 Altitude hikes 

With or without using the Rittner Horn railway you can get right up to the highest part of the Rittner plateau. Here you’ll find the Siberian tundra prevailing over the flora, here you’ll be captivated by the breathtaking views into the distance from Großglockner in the East to Piz Bernina in the West. To the North the view is limited by the proud peaks of the Zillertaler and Ötztaler mountains, whilst to the South with a bit of luck you might just be able to make out the Gondolier Francesco on the Grand Canal in Venice…? The Dolomites enchant even the shepherds and farmers every day anew, although they’ve been living here for decades. A backdrop of timeless beauty – guaranteed. Tip: take the route from the Schwarseespitze to Sarnerscharte between June and September (when the rhododendrons are in flower). Length ca. 8 hours.


Once the warming rays of the autumn sun ripen the wine in South Tyrol then it’s the time for ‘Törggelen’. This is when it’s particularly pleasant to sit beneath the sun-drenched southerly walls of the ancient farmsteads, this is when we are all dying to taste the new wine and hungry for a hearty meal. And then towards the end of September the smell of freshly roasted chestnuts catches us. If you haven’t experienced it yourself, then it’s difficult to explain. “Dolce Vita in Southern Tyrolian” Our tip: Join us on a guided walk along unmarked secret paths to the most beautiful spots in Ritten. It’s difficult to give a length of this walk because the way home is often very long…


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