Nordic Walking

In order to receive international recognition we have decided to take our training with the ANWA (Austrian Nordic Walking Association). Therefore we are also part of the INWA (International Nordic Walking Association). This organisation was started in 2001 in Finland and has since developed 18 branches worldwide.

We have been training Nordic Walking Basic instructors, who are also recognised by the INWA, since the beginning of February 2005.

Our trainer Mag. Franz Ganser (Managing Director of Nordic Sports) was happy to train our Nordic Walking Basic instructors here in Ritten.

More information about training for Nordic Walking can be found here:

Our business partner for training and equipment

Nordic Sports Academy Ritten
Walking Schule Ritten
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Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking
Nordic Walking


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Soprabolzano, Dorf 1 / I-39054 Renon/Ritten / South Tyrol
Phone 0039 0471 34 53 65 / Fax 0039 0471 34 51 28

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