Summer holidays in Ritten

In summer we all become dreamers. It is said that in summer the world is twice as beautiful! Really? Everywhere? In Ruhrpott or only in the stunning mountains of South Tyrol?? We South Tyrolians are in love with our country, and you can only really see the best of our perfectly intact, untouched landscape here in Ritten. You’ll have to forgive us when we see the world in a bit of a biased way. In the “Ruhrpott” there is always work to be done, but in Ritten summer is for hiking, riding, swimming in lakes, climbing mountains, trekking on llamas, riding bicycles, going Nordic walking, fishing, stopping for a bite to eat at the local farms, and in September the new wine has to be tasted. You can go wild strawberry picking with your nearest and dearest, get to know the culture of the most southerly area where German is spoken, and joke and laugh with the Tyrol people about their idiosyncrasies. That is the spirit of South Tyrol. It all takes place under the South Tyrolian sun which in summer smiles in the sky for 8 out of 10 days with temperatures at an average of 26° Celsius.

Ritten: WALKING, WALKING, WALKING … from one site of natural beauty to another.
Summer holidays in Ritten


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Soprabolzano, Dorf 1 / I-39054 Renon/Ritten / South Tyrol
Phone 0039 0471 34 53 65 / Fax 0039 0471 34 51 28

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